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I am Blulectric. Formerly known as XxSWxX!
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Hello! I have a hard time finishing things. :) I sometimes play games and sometimes build them! I’ve been on a hiatus for a while but I still exist! Some projects are being worked on but they have a lot to go before they are complete. Changes on the internet has made it harder to make fan-game like content here but I have some plans. I have projects other than fan-games that are also WIP (work in progress).
I currently have two groups, “Sanic Teim” and “One Man Clan”. Sanic Teim is for Sanic related fan-games and One Man Clan is for more serious games. More information will come in the corresponding groups as things get worked on. <3


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    new fan group, all levels were added to the group with some small updates.

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