Hi; I do not do anything here anymore.

I have created/contributed to the following projects: 
- Seishun Otoko (2011) 
- Seishun Otaku [deleted] (2012) 
- Seishun Akari | w/ Hoemura & resonating (2012) 
- Stratosphere Settlement | EBR (2013) 
- The Office | EBR (2014) 
- Aria | w/ Hoemura & resonating (2016) 
- Ashtown | Shiguto (2019) | w/ ArsenalZX, Ben3879, Bokbok99, Causati0n, Giraffesonparade, Hoemura, Jiangdow43, KLUKLU, resonating, richchocolit & xiayurei


  • Seishun Otoko

    The last time this showcase was updated is around mid 2011. This place is a fictional place I used to frequently dream about. The title means 'Youthful Man' in Japanese. I always found the soundtrack named 'Ametsuyu' from Elfen Lied to suit this place. ''Seishun Otoko, an unknown town in the mountains where people aren't able to express their emotions. Only the youthful one can heal the scarred hearts.''

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