• Hospital Roleplay!

    Hospital Roleplay is more than just a Hospital game! Roleplay as a Citizen, Doctor, Patient, Baby and much more! (VR SUPPORT) 🏥 Roleplay at the Hospital! 🏡Own your own house! 👶Become or adopt a baby! 🚨Become a police officer! 👍 PLEASE LIKE & FAVORITE! ⭐ (VR SUPPORT) Go ahead and join the official Hospital Roleplay group! https://www.roblox.com/groups/5119461/Hospital-Roleplay Credits - od149 - Owner & Creator RealChello - Head Developer & Co-Owner ChiIlzia - Builder CasperFlyModz - Developer Bimini123 - Developer Brotatochip2948 - 3D Models Jmmousee - Former Co-Owner & Developer Shutdown = Update! Updates! - All houses have been made free! - Optimization! - Typing bubbles! - Returning features from the past to help newer players, such as gear givers, etc. - Smaller Police station! (Optimization) - The Park and the Dentists office have swapped places! - Lighting changes! *This is the Legacy original game of Hospital Roleplay*

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