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    TEST PLACE Emote hotkey is G, Spray hotkey is T

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    UPDATE NOTES! (30/10/19) + New Knives, Guns, Emotes, Gear and Characters! [e.g. Spengy] + Pets have returned to the game! + New Maps! + The Shop has had a complete rework! + Changes to gameplay and spawning. + Many quality of life improvements! + Price and reward adjustments to gamepasses, MVP now features a 1.75x target bonus, and MLG now also grants a doge pet and gear! - Removed mountain town. A big thank you to the awesome people that made this game possible: TrustMeImRussian, nettimato, GesaffeIstein, Rastamypasta, 2Hex, PastaFTW and Locard! Twitter: @FierzaaRBX [You can Inspect your weapon with F, taunt with G, and view chat emotes with N]

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