🌈 Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!🌈 

My name is Quazar49, and I'm the architect of fun. I'm the proud creator of Vision Park and Azavin!

● 𝗠𝗬 𝗔𝗜𝗠 ● 
My goal is to create surreal and immersive worlds for you to enjoy and explore, from cities standing within an endless sea in 1887, to places of excitement and thrills that opened in 1987! 

- I can't accept any friend requests, sorry! The maximum limit is 200 and I get too many requests daily :/ 

- I listen to everyone! One of my main priorities is to listen and incorporate my fans into as much as possible.


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  • [RP] Azavin (ALPHA)

    βš™οΈ Azavin - The ultimate steampunk social game βš™οΈ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🚧 This game is currently in ALPHA, and is constantly being worked on. Everything is subject to change. 🚧 ------------------------------------------------------------ β–Ί ABOUT: Azavin is a highly detailed RP / Adventure game where YOU control the story! Set in an alternate past where victorians built massive cities atop metal legs to survive a worldwide flood, they now struggle to survive as their world falls apart. The city is also divided by a civil war between those living above and below the city's streets. Choose your side and have fun! β–Ί CREDITS & REQUIREMENTS: Azavin is built entirely by Quazar49. This game is highly detailed and expansive, meaning you'll need a fairly powerful device to play it on. Found any bugs / glitches? Want to ask something? β–Ό CLICK THE BUTTONS BELOW FOR MORE β–Ό

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  • Vision Park - Theme Park

    ⭐There's nothing on Roblox like Vision Park!⭐ β–Ό UPCOMING EVENTS β–Ό Updates and events to be announced... 🌈 Welcome to VP! The 80s neon theme park! This game was made entirely by Quazar49 and tested by TrickyLeeCarl. 🌈 β–Ί ABOUT: Check out many different rides and attractions, get a job, eat at restaurants or just enjoy the incredible sights! Vision Park is a neon lit wonderland that glows with vintage style and has over 11 rides and attractions that operate on its grounds! β–Ί Join our community! https://www.roblox.com/my/groups.aspx?gid=3495584 β–Ί Like steampunk? Check this out! https://www.roblox.com/games/2701173719/Azavin-Steampunk-RP-ALPHA β–Ό CLICK THE BUTTONS BELOW FOR MORE! β–Ό

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  • Vision Park: EXILE

    Explore Vision Park ABANDONED! Welcome to EXILE. EXILE is an alternate version of Vision Park, set in the future, ten years after closure. All of the attractions have now stopped, rusting away under the heat of the sun and falling apart during the cold, dark nights. This version of Vision Park was previously a special event that would only occour on selected nights during the Halloween Update. This version of EXILE does not feature the PvP aspect, and is for explorational purposes only. This game will NOT be updated with the park. NOTE: None of the rides and attractions in this game operate, this game is purely for RP, exploration and atmosphere. Play the original game by looking on my profile. Explore the theme park, find your way into hidden areas, uncover secrets that were never meant for players to see, all here in EXILE!

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