Hello, I'm Patrick, a ROBLOX Studio Intern, 20-year-old hobby game developer, and Computational Media senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I like making art and music, programming, and designing games, and I typically work on my games alone.

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  • [HALLOWEEN EVENT] Legendary: TNR

    Welcome to Legendary! Experience legendary battles with a huge variety of medieval weaponry! MAJOR UPDATE 3/21/17 - Endermoor has fallen to the Necromancer's horde! 10/9/2017 Introducing the Festival of Fears! Come and get an exclusive halloween hat, or even an exceptionally rare haunted hat! This event is only for the halloween season! Introducing PvE: Form a team of up to 4 players to take on the Necromancer's horde, and unravel the secrets of Endermoor to break in to the Archives and steal the Ancient Swords! (Full changelog at /r/legendarygame) Like the game? Join the group! Reddit: r/LegendaryGame Discord: G42Xr3k I recommended that you use a game pad to play.

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  • Framed! [Updated Guns!]

    You've been framed! Find your target without getting caught! Framed is a high-action, deception Roblox PVP experience! 7/15/2017 Entirely reworked the guns. Trailer by Kady Create! Like the game? Suggestions? Join the group!

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  • Frenzy [Old]

    Four squares house each of the 4 teams of 3. For two minutes, the squares will be sectioned off as the teams scramble to build defenses. After the walls open, let the laser, jetpack, and rocket frenzy begin. Choose from four distinct classes: Laser, Rocket, Demo, and Sniper, each with their own difficulty level and unique weaponry! Development has stopped for this game. Frenzy 2 may or may not be a thing. 7/13 Buffed laser damage Community map makers: -SkySpell (Castle)

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  • RED44_SATYR44

    One of the twelve runner-ups in the "Scare us Silly" GCC! Thank you all for the support - now go get scared! :) 9/28/1986 Chimera AI Innovation - the company that wanted to create the future. The intentions were noble, the project was well-funded, yet the experiments began breaking... The workers are dead. RED44 and SATYR44 are on the loose, and someone needs to turn them off - That's where you come in. Get inside Chimera's abandoned facilities, find your way to the power, and shut it down, while avoiding the mechanical monsters that are looking for revenge. This is a high-action, high-intensity horror game, where the constant threat of ticking time is your true enemy. Warning! This game contains various audio-only cues! You must have sound on to play, preferably headphones. Credit to Aurastys' music for inspiration for this game.

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  • Micro Mania [EARLY ACCESS]

    Hello, friends! My name is Marco, and you are under my control! It's okay, though! I just want to play a game... Or, rather, watch you play a lot of games... I'll provide moral support! It's a great deal! 7/15/2016 Now opened for early access beta! 1/25/2017 Game is feature complete besides the shop. Please leave all suggestions or bug reports in the comments below, or in a PM directly to me. Thank you for helping test this game! With your help, I'm sure it will be awesome when it releases later this year!

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