Hello, I'm Patrick, a former Roblox Accelerator intern with a degree in Computational Media from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I also used to work on Roblox Studio. Now, working on my Roblox games is my full-time job. I like making art and music, programming, and designing games, and I typically work on my games alone. 

My current project is Mage Cat Mayhem - a twin-stick shooter battle royale on PC, Mobile, and Xbox!!/about


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  • Legendary: The Forsaken Shore

    ⚔️ Welcome to Legendary! A fantasy combat game featuring a rich combat system and intense PvP and PvE battles! 🗡8-Player PvP Battles! ☠ Party up with friends in 4-Player Co-Op! 🗝 Hundreds of items to collect! ⚒ Master an exciting combat system that allows you to dodge, block, parry, and dual wield any two weapons in the game! 🎮 Play on Xbox One and PC! Update Changelog:

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  • Framed! (MOBILE SUPPORT)

    Good evening, Agent 6. You've been invited to this high class party for one reason. Eliminate the other spies! Welcome to Framed! An action, deception PvP experience! Outsmart other players as you hunt down your target - but watch out! Someone else is hunting you, too. And stay out of sight of the security guards! 🔸 Use the Check Target tool to see your target's face. 🔸 Kill your target to get a new one! 🔸 Taking out a weapon makes you Red Handed - watch out! UPDATE: The game now works much better on mobile!

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