Woof!  I'm following Hawkington's Egg Rules:

I use these rules to make it fair to everyone and so everyone has the same chance of getting the 2018 admin egg from me:

1) I join servers randomly. I will not follow you into a server.
2) I will notify everyone in chat I am spawning the egg - maybe.
3) I can spawn it anywhere I can see, not necessarily the direction my avatar is looking.
4) I will not spawn it for individual players. I will let the server know when it is almost time to spawn it so everyone can group up and no one gets an advantage. NO PRIVATE SERVERS. EVER.
5) There is no set time you will find me playing the game, so you just have to be lucky to spot me online & playing.
6) I like to launch eggs from high spots to make it more random to find. IF I AM CROWDED OFF THE EDGE I WILL LOG OUT. Don't push me, it's rude.
7) To use the modern parlance, my pronouns are 'she/her'. This will help prove you read this.

These rules subject to change, void where prohibited by law.


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