Hey there friend, welcome to my profile! ❤
My name's bunpunk! I'm a guy who draws stuff and designs characters for a living! I'm studying game design but I want to do more development on ROBLOX!

Here's some extra Fun Facts about me if you like that sorta stuff:
• My favorite colors are black and red!
• My favorite animals are bunnies!
• My top favorite ROBLOX game is Entry Point! (I made the clothes for it too! :D)
• I love metal and electronic music. My favorite band is Rabbit Junk!
• I won a Bloxy Award! :D
• I designed the Digital Artist Bundle! (https://www.roblox.com/bundles/466/Digital-Artist)
• (And also the soon-to-be Galactic Popstar Bundle!)
• I'm very friendly so don't be afraid to say hi!

• Twitter - @SINNERIOT

COMMISSIONS: Closed right now

I don't accept friend requests unless I know you personally, sorry!

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