• Prehistoria | Dinosaur Survival

    Prehistoria is a developing dinosaur survival game where players can customize their character, survive and complete quests to earn more species and customization options 🎨 Customize your character with many different colors! 💰 Unlock new creatures! 🏞️ Explore a detailed map (roughly 60% complete) 🖥️ Play on PC, phone or tablet 📱 Optimized for slow phones! CURRENTLY IN EARLY BETA AND LACKING MANY MAIN FEATURES This game has ONE DEVELOPER and progress may be slow ⭐ RECENT UPDATES ⭐ > Added Austro! > Added Leaderboards > Added Mangrove Forest > Added Secondary Attacks > Added Tenonto > Added Deinon > Added Baryonyx > Added Coastal Biome Tags: Dinosaur simulator animal prehistoric paleontology roleplay rp character oc cartoon chibi survival survive mobile Credits: devforum.roblox.com/t/1658279 Game rules: devforum.roblox.com/t/2434074

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  • Catch Pets | ALPHA

    Extremely early alpha version. Go to the Wilds and catch colorful creatures. Go back to your Pasture to view them. Game goals: Players will be motivated to collect rare and pretty-colored creatures. Manage your pets' stats such as hunger and friendships to increase their happiness--happier pets will produce more money. Save up to unlock new areas with new creatures, as well as decorations for your pastures and potions to modify your pets. The intended vibes are for a happy, peaceful little game where you collect and take care of cute and colorful little dudes that you can watch run around and interact with each other. A low-intensity app that you can keep open in the other tab. Co-op with friends to manage your pets. Raise rare colorful babies to sell and compete with other players or just do whatever floats your boat.

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