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    IF YOU DISLIKE, MESSAGE ME WHY AND I'LL TRY TO IMPROVE IT! Test your gear! Special Thanks to Lastbullets2 and dragonofchaos12345 for helping me with the development of this game. My eventual goal is 25k visits with a like % over 70 Coming Soon? A GUI that can give you ANY hat, shirt etc. GUIs replacing the morph and gear givers (the only two free models) If not the above then a a model that can give you even more gear. v5.2.2-Improved thumbnail/logo v5.2.1-Fixed A Bug With The Dummies v5.2-Hats are now on all the fighters v5.1-Made a Logo v5.0.1-Added afro to one of the Fighters v5-Added AI Fighters that'll fight you and each other v4-New PvP Arena v3.1.1-Started new PvP Arena and fixed Robloxian 2.0 v3.1-Added Gear card to starter pack and detail to trees v3.0.2-Added (Kohl's) Admin v3.0.1-Fixed the PvP Arena and some other bugs Tags- Battle War Fight Gear World Catalog Heaven

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