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  • SCP-087

    Current Version: Alpha 0.7.0 Plans for this game, or any fixes will not happen. I apologies, but with college, I am extremely busy. And when I do make my return to ROBLOX either during the Winter or Summer, I will be working on my long awaited project, Need for Speed: Downtown ROBLOXia 2.Might even change the name of the project. Anyways, thanks for the support of this game, but for now. It remains the way it is. To further understand SCP-087, please refer to the SCP Foundation website.

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  • Need For Speed: Revisited (Good News)

    Good news: I will work on this game to add dynamic lighting, ONLY if it cooperates. I have seen cases in which the lights do not refresh fast enough if you are driving at high speeds. What does this mean for Need For Speed: Downtown ROBLOXia 2? Development of that game will be canceled until further notice.

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  • NFS: Downtown ROBLOXia 2

    Major feature coming to 1.8.0: Since I have no control over wheels falling off (there is no fix that I can do), I will implement a feature that will allow you to sell your car for 20 times the normal price ONLY IF 4 wheels are not detected. BETA 1.7.0 UPDATE: -Optimized menu to load faster, previously it would load slow and cause a nasty bug to make the menu stay forever. -Added a feature to the car saver that now prevents you from saving your car while in motion. Previously, a car in motion would cause moving parts (wheels) to fall off, requiring you to get a new car. Estimated release date: December 2013, could change to an earlier time though.

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  • Burnout Paradise: Un-Copylocked!

    There you go, I got BC again, so now you can steal it and see how badly scripted this game was. (It's pretty bad. :P)

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  • The Field - Preview

    You find yourself stuck in a large open field in the dead of night. You and some friends search around for a way out, looking through buildings and forests. But, you find you're not alone... There's someone, or something, else in the field. You don't know what it is, you can only stare... But don't sit around for too long, because if you let your guard down... It will find you. Current Version: Alpha 0.7.0 Still minor bugs that I need to work on, such as with 2+ players, even if one is looking at an enemy, it will still move if the other isn't. Tip: Stay in a group if you want to survive.

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