I'm kreatureclub, I have over 350 KOs, and to many WO........  I'm tryin for the bloxxer badge.  But if I ever get it, well, it will take a while.  12-816-622-4 My referral code.  I will NOT give you ANY money, unless I like your clothes.  Will I be your friend? for the answer go to #1

#1- Um, let me think a little longer so go to #5
#2- Oh, wow.  I didn't think you'd get to #2 so fast! go to #9
#3- Ok, so sometimes i'm a slow thinker.... #8 is next
#4- OMG, Is it me, or are you just to fast?  I thought you'd leave by now #7 in next!
#5- I'm still thinking!! Jeez! go to #3
#6- I'm not kidding you REALLY need to slow down, go to #4
#7- Ok i'm almost ready i think i have an answer, go to #10
#8-I must be REALLY slow today, go to #2
#9- Slow down! I'm ready to give you a speeding ticket! go to #6
#10- Ok ready?  DO I KNOW YOU IN RL????  if not, then NO, I won't be your friend, so there XPRead More

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    What will you find inside? A ghost? A vampire? A zompire? A Gazompire?! o.O nevermind on the last one >_> XP

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