Vaktus, Founding Father of Vaktovia
Nothing applies to everything.
Greetings, I am Vaktus, Emperor of Vaktovia, a futuristic Roman Empire created to bring civilization and order to the chaos of ROBLOX! If you wish to join, check out the Vaktovian Army Corps group description for details.
"I live! I breathe again! I rise, I will rise to bleach the sky and still the water! I will spin the world wheel and set the future upon the path of redemption!"


  • Vaktus Palace

    Vaktus Palace is located in the heart of Vaktovian territory (Which spans across the galaxy) on planet Vaktovia, the home of the Vaktovians. This is where Emperor Vaktus resides and watches over the Empire. The Palace is situated atop Mount. Stravus overlooking the city of Vyyrahk, the first ever city created by Vaktovians. The city has been remade and restored several times over the vast years Vaktovians have dominated the planet and it's surrounding star systems. This has lead to the city becoming part ancient Vaktovian architecture and part modern technological metal enhancements. The capital city of Vyyrahk is now the image of a rich Vaktovian city. Old, concrete buildings and other ancient items are only possessions of wealthy, high ranking Vaktovian officials.

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