• (FIX) Hello Neighbor

    Fixed Gameplay! Sorry for the long wait. ► Hello Neighbor ► PHONE AND TABLET VERSIONS ARE AVAILABLE! The game was built/scripted for PC softwares, any bugs on an IOS device will probably NOT be fixed. Play the game on a computer for the full experience :) • VER: [0.2.3] ► NOTES: •Not Tall Enough? Try making a stair case out of boxes. •The Pink key is NOT in the Neighbors' house. •Found a bug? Report it to tooquick4you2. ► Recent Updates: •Item(s) can only be picked up once. (Don't drop any useful items!) •Disabled Loading Screen. (Caused the game to break.) •Small Bug Fixes ► • Credits: tooquick4you2, UltraKale , RawBlocky

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  • (WIP) Chambers (v0.1.4)

    -(Chapter 5 is WIP) (This game is currently in BETA) Chambers is a horror-escape type game, solve puzzles and search for keys to progress through different chapters. More info will be posted in future updates Version 0.1.4 Founded by tooquick4you2 Thumbnail(s) by Luciferius

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