Manager for OverDrive. Official Tester of Infiniroads. Former DriveTime Owner.

rug and water and vase or music or pillow

Hello! I am dshorter100 born and raised in northern New Jersey.  I specialize in building realistic roads and scenery that may interest you. I am an accomplished athlete as well as earning above average grades in many honors classes.


  • OverDrive: Stroudsburg, PA

    Version: 0.1.0 Follow The OverDrive Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/OverDriveRoblox Check Out Other OverDrive Developers: https://twitter.com/OverDriveRoblox/lists/overdrive-staff Welcome to Stroudsburg Pennsylvania! This game will reveal the beauty of the Deleware River Valley and many great outdoor aspects, including, the Appalachian Trail and various parks. Explore the other towns of Portland PA, Marshalls Creek PA, Tannersville PA, and East Stroudsburg PA. The game will include a small portion of ESU. The game will also include small parts of New Jersey.

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