Hi, I'm rustyhuskey also known as RHG, I have started on the platform since 2011, and I haven't really got a device to use the account so I made this one since I forgot my other one in 2014. 
I would consider myself a developer, even though my games have ever gotten very popular, but I am talented with Lua Programming.

Currents Ranks:
-Owner of Renzor Corporation: May 2016 - Present
-The developer of Future and PaSTudios: January 2019 - Present
-Engineer of Heaven: January 2019 - Present

Past Ranks:
-General of The Orithian Insurgency: August 2016 - July 2018

Count Team Create invitations: 46

My best skill in Roblox is my knowledge of programming with Lua. I am very advanced with programming and I have helped create many friends with their games in the past.

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  • Alpha β€’ Mortal Minigames

    ❗❗ Mortal Minigames is in a development phase. Expect bugs. If you notice any issues, please send a message to rustyhuskey containing a detailed explanation of what happens and when it happens. ❗❗ 🔥 Enjoy! Fighting with your friends, flipping over tables, or just kicking people off of cliffs! Of this action-packed multi-place game! Welcome to Mortal Minigames, where you can enjoy unique and exciting minigames, earning coins each time you survive. Spend coins on gear, pets, effects, and other cool stuff that will make your character more epic. If you want to help test new updates, join this game when it opens up: 💻 Device Availability: PC and Tablet. 🎮 Console / Controller Availability: 75% 📣 Make sure to press the "Follow" button above to know right away when a new update comes out! Please remember to ❀ and 👍 β€’ Mortal Minigames β€’ 🇻0.10.05

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  • Limlox: Puzzle Platformer

    My attempt in making a sidescroller game close to Limbo

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  • AI Making

    Controls: (Keyboard) Q - Previous Formation E / F - Next Formation + - Add Clone - - Remove Clone (Console) DPadLeft - Previous Formation DPadRight - Next Formation DPadUp - Add Clone DPadDown - Remove Clone (Select sword to have them equip it!)

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