Hi im Chris!
 Things about me - Youtuber ✔ Builder ✔ Developer Testing Dramatic Stuffs Stay On the   website for that! ✔Scripter-  Awesome Roblox Player ✔ Guest World Player ✔ Recieved FabergEgg from the egg hunt ! ✔! Cleared Friends list!✔ And thats best of all! ✔ Also, if i get to know you i can send you a friend request, but i will still be clearing my list, 

 Though usually i dont accept friend request. But if I know you then i can send you guys a request!
 Heres a Thing I might be talking to my friends, because I'm doing busy 
 If you talk to me ✔ and you can message me if you'd like!
Heres A  Note, you find me wearing silly shirts like T Series, Clown shirts, Guest shirts with the Roblox Sign (Not The logo that says roblox and free for others) So if u find me wearing Im only using those for fun!

and i have the wonderful brothers and sisters!

Met ObliviousHD epic ✔
Met ForeverHD epic too! ✔
Met Epic GW Admin epic! ✔


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  • Testing Dramatic Stuffs

    Just a Dramatic Game, might be more intense soon on the roblox page to make it famous just like piggy, lol

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