I haven't updated this in a long time so here we go.. If you like me, or the things I did for communities, thats fine. If you hate me and want to act entitled because you have a large group and do not appreciate the things I did for communities, I could really care less. You do not effect my life at all and if you want to act that way towards me, you do not deserve to have me in your life; at all. Thanks.
P.S Just because you have a successful game and got into the dev forum doesn't make you a professional game developer or a savior. Everyone gets their 5 minutes of fame and honestly it just makes you look like an entitled cee u next tuesday. Just thought I'd add that in there.🤷‍♂️👍Read More


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  • The Revelation; 2019

    You think you know someone; when in reality you only know the version of them they displayed to you. You will never know someone the way they know their family, or other friends. People hold onto the past and they try to forget about it, but can't, because the events in the past are important. But we can't change them. All we can do is move on. This showcase is a symbol of the past. As well as a symbol of revelation, and what the future has to bring me. The contents display the works of my past. Remnants of the projects that either got completed or failed. People who have wronged me, and betrayed me. Only to be forgiven now. There is nothing more to say, and I will not comment on this showcase. All we can do is move forward.

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