Risin' up - back on the street - did my time took my chances - went the distance now i'm back on my feet just a man and his will to survive!

        So many times - It happens too fast - you trade you passion for glory - don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just keep them alive!

        It's the... Eye of the Tiger, it's the thrill of the fight - Risin' up to the challenge of our rivals - and the last known suvivor stalks his prey in the night and he's watchin us all with the EYE... OF THE TIGER!

           - from "Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor - 1986
               bestest song ever! :D i know the rest but it wont fit on here... >.< for other epicly awsome songs see: beat it, hungry like the wolf, livin on a prayer, peace of mind, you're the best around(yes the Karate Kid one), and Weird Al's works ( i know they arent considered epicly awsome but they still funny!^^). But u can have ur own opinion about wats good...unless its justin beiber...he failsRead More

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    now is fully functional! :D i added a teleport tool just for the fun of it but dont be a noob and use it in the training areas... thats cheating

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