20. I make games, you should play them. Offer me robux offers on my limiteds, or help me upgrade. No I don't do donations/favors/whatever.
From New Jersey. Living in Florida
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  • Tower Defense!

    In this classic Doomspire Brickbattle Red vs. Blue vs. Green vs. Yellow game, play as one of four teams, and be the last team with a standing tower. Use a variety of weapons to reign supreme! Utilize bombs, rockets, and trowels to do rocket or bomb jumps, and protect yourself from falls and enemy action.

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  • Who is Killing Everyone?

    NOTE: I made this game back in late 2012. It wasn't the hardest game to make, and I really didn't spend as much time as I should have with it. I probably won't do many updates to this in the future. *Complete! More badges added, glitches fixed!* Who is killing everyone? You must find out! Tags: Obby, Who Killed, Who Did It, Random, ?, Original, New

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  • Two Player Military Tycoon: LEGACY

    Island warfare, and a revamped base, will be coming sometime this year. Welcome to 2 Player Military Tycoon! Sequel, 2PMT2, released: In the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, 8 super powers from around the globe fight for control of a large, resource-rich island. Who will be the dominant force in this military war tycoon? Engineers buy green buttons, builders buy red buttons. Join the official Two Player Military Tycoon server using the link in the Social Media tab below! Follow Cool_Johnny_Boy on t wi t ter for codes, news, and updates (see Social Media tab below)! Join Frigus and Two Player Military Tycoon! for cash bonuses and games! Frigus: see social tab Two Player Military Tycoon!: mobile, fps, military, guns, rifle, gun, shotgun, sniper, helicopter, war, battle, guns, tablet, war, tycoon, military, 2, console, Xbox, tycoon, jet, nukes, missile, combat

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