Games I've created/help made: 
Horror Elevator - Lead developer
Mad City - ex Scripter 
Slicing Simulator - Scripter 
Work at a Coffee Shop - Scripter 
The Box Escape - Lead developer 
Snow-tastrophe (old) - Lead developer



  • Horror Elevator! [SIREN HEAD & SLENDERMAN]

    Welcome to the horror / scary elevator! Can you conquer your fears? ⚠ WARNING ⚠ : This game contains Flashing lights, Loud Noises & Jumpscares! This is mainly just horror themed and more about having fun than it is scary What's new: Siren head floor Slenderman floor Most survivals leaderboard Option to turn off shadows New shop item Follow the developers on Twitter to be updated on game news: Lead Developer: @PerhapzRBLX Developer: @Mattify Special thanks to: @Zyleth_, @rightIess tags: jeff the killer, squid game, fnaf, michael myers, scps, scp, pennywise the killer clown, sonix.exe, granny, aliens. clown, jason voorhees, siren head, slenderman

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    The boom knife and quickscoper knifer are more like a boom knife and quickscope knife. I'll be adding cool things with the knives later today or this week. Join this group for recent/upcoming updates! Follow me on twitter for in-game codes! @PerhapzRBLX This game is a mixture of snowboarding and murder. But it's not exactly like the other murder games you see with murderer, inno, and sheriff. This game is challenging because everyone has a knife and is racing on snowboards. To win the game you either race to the bottom or kill everyone! Credits Airennor - Game idea PureTrading - Skins and other GFX ################ - Help with scripting FamedChris - Built most the stuff

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