LOADING FILES██████████████████100% complete------------------- CrazySPADES Data: Doesnt accept random FR(freinds request).Codenamed Crazy.Doesnt like FEAR or SONICTHEHEDGHOD!Is a UPWER PWNER/Ace.Loves to eat FOOD! ______________________________________________________________11-635-176-8 Use this link when purchasing bc :D and have a nice day ______________________________________________________________ Join TRP or TRP-Tech!My Best Freind For Life(As If A Brother) is iameman99(codenamed killer) OWN EM GIE(O M G) ______________________________________________________________ Does alot of Roblox Studio Model Making PM me if you have an idea or want me to build something!If i am online and dont replie or dont do anything it means i'm in Roblox Studios! Read More

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  • Roblox's Pro Snipers

    Welcome to R.P.S. (Roblox's Pro Snipers) We are the pro snipers in roblox and we fight proudly together and with anyone on our side! -------------------------------------------Ally:T.R.P. The Roblox Pwners ------------------------------------------Enemy:NONE--------------------------------------------------------Rank Requirments: Sniper In Training (u r beint trained by a Teacher Sniper and after training is done, u get promoted) Senior Sniper (just ranked from training ang get trained Advanced Techniques when done, u get promoted) Teacher Sniper (teach 3 Snipers In Training or 2 Senior Snipers the Advanced Techniques and after that u r Pro Sniper) -------------------------------------PM me for a promotion--------------------------Good Luck Snipers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • T.R.P. The Roblox Pwners

    Welcome to T.R.P. The Roblox Pwners!We Are The Best Of The Best Fighting Robloxians!If you wish to have rank changed PM me or the CEO or the Co-Leaders Rank Requirments: Ally:The Clan Of The Phoenixs , DarkBloxxers Members , TAIC , RNU , RobloxRedDragons , SFA , RGA , The United Clans , X-Protectors , k.u.t., RWT Enemy: Dark Assassins , Phoenix Phalanax, URAD War Stats: Wins:4 Ties:0 Lost:0 Clans Defeated: R.N.U. , Phoenix Phalanax , URAD Clans Lost To: NONE Clans Tied With: NONE

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  • T.R.P. Tech

    We Are The Robloxian Builders Of TRP We Are Here For Your Demands We Build One For All And All For One Join My Megamates,We Will Begin Our Journey To Build We Will Rise And Show What We Can Build! We Are "The Roblox Pwners" Builders!

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  • random fann

    Hello, ROBLOX! This is a group that has been passed down from nutcase to nutcase. This group was origionaly owned by minionmaster1. He was one of my BFFs... untill he quit. Then, it was passed down to vikingdude1, who apparently passed it to CREAMTHEBUNNYXX. We must saw that every user must have urber randomness in their blood! POST RANDOMNESS WHENEVER YOU CAN! If not, let me say that Elmo knows where you live. Good day! :3

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  • ☆TRP's Castle☆

    TRP's Castle!!These castles can be used for RPG,meetings,just hangout,and for promoting people if you want!!Enjoy TRP!!!!

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