I can't help you with website issues. I'm a developer and player like you, just in the Accelerator Program.

More about me below!

19 year old hobbying programmer and roleplayer from Canada. Aro[a]ce. Worked on countless projects. Running a decade-old legacy. Mainly focused on PWNED 3 and the Accelerator Program.

I am known by many names and outfits but at the end of the day "colbert2677" is my personal branding. This name I will carry until the end.

Not for hire under any circumstances, please do not reach out to me with offers. I am especially not interested in projects with team leaders that do not possess a development skill (no, marketing does not count).

I do have a lot of friend requests so sorry if I don't get to yours! I only accept them from close friends, acquaintances and Roblox colleagues/employees.


  • The Light Not Found (Soon?)

    He wore his heart on his sleeve and it was twisted by the vile miasma in the air. He acts as he is conditioned; the miasma becomes filthier; the incisions grow in numbers. He cannot climb higher, only descend down into confusion and nigh insanity. A short single player horror experience originally created for the 2014 GCC, a Roblox Halloween event for creating scary experiences. Development was cut short before its submission. It is now restored and updated to the experience it could have been, but never became until now.

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