• Alone in a Dark House [Horror]

    Available on XBOX, Mobile, and VR. A story of an investigator who's told to find a runaway murderer. The investigator finds themselves running into a paranormal anomaly. Solve the mystery while surviving the anomaly. For the absolute best first playthrough experience, it is highly recommended to play alone, in the dark, and with headphones on. Tags: Horror, Scary, Creepy, Multiplayer, Puzzle, Story, VR, Mobile

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  • Zombie Survival in Minot, North Dakota

    Alpha Version 9.4 (Expect bugs and changes) Now available on PlayStation, XBOX, and mobile devices. In Minot, North Dakota, the last survivors of a deadly zombie apocalypse have gathered together to defend their selves against the entire nation of zombies. Build your own fortifications and fight against the numerous waves of deadly zombies. Unlock stronger weapons and equipment to assist you in your zed hunting prodigy. GROUP MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: - Increase your build limit from 50 to 100 units. - Start with $1000 instead of $750 for each server. This game is being developed by one person. If you enjoyed the game and want to show your support, you can like and favorite the game to spread awareness. Thank you! Tags: ACS Army Marine Air Force Navy Milsim Zombies RP Roleplay Build Survive USM XBOX Mobile Horror Survival

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  • ACS Military RP - Kandahar, Afghanistan

    This is an imaginative depiction of the real place, everything is historically inaccurate. The time period is January 2019. Operators have deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan to enforce peace in the province. The Nationalists do not like the presence of foreigners in the region, so they fight back against their oppressors. In the middle of the war, the civilians are given opportunities to join the fight or live peacefully. You will play on any team in this roleplaying experience, where you will team up with others to accomplish your duties. Available on XBOX and PC. Voice Chat enabled. Tags: ACS, Milsim, USM, RP, Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy, Coast Guard, Space Force

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