Hello! Welcome to my profile, if you passed by my profile to want to get to know me. My name is Dino using leetspeak.
I like to play Runescape and TF2.

If you are looking to trade, please add me to send me a trade.

"Roblox. The game where all you do is buy hats."

"I like pie."

"ROBLOX, that game were Tom Cruise is a noob"

I try to keep my friends list between mutual friends that I know.

Anyone that pretends to be me is misleading you! 

Account Stolen?
Please contact: (https://web.roblox.com/support)


  • Survive the CRAZY Disasters!

    This game is about survival! Survive CRAZY obstacles and enemies coming at you! Survive to win points to unlock awesome tools in the store - to help you survive even more disasters!

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