Hello! Welcome to my profile, if you passed by my profile to want to get to know me. My name is Dino using leetspeak.
I like to play Runescape and TF2.
I'm not very active on Roblox.

"Roblox. The game where all you do is buy hats."

"I like pie."

"ROBLOX, that game were Tom Cruise is a noob"

I try to keep my friends list between mutual friends that I know.

Anyone that pretends to be me is misleading you! 

Account Stolen?
Please contact: (https://web.roblox.com/support)


  • Survive the CRAZY Disasters!

    This game is about survival! Survive CRAZY obstacles and enemies coming at you! Survive to win points to unlock awesome tools in the store - to help you survive even more disasters!

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