I love bees but my bee farm is in hibernation for the winter... my grandson told me that I could practice beekeeping in the videogame on Roblocks and now I am HOOKED!!! My first bee was a basic bee and I named him Barbara after the first queen bee of my first hive... my how many years ago that was... Barb is very good at collecting pollen from the Dandelion fields so quick progress was made!!! What a THRILL!!! I did not appreciate the Ladybug attacking me... I do not know why the Ladybug was an enemy but the Bears were all friends... Bears eat honey and Ladybugs are quite good for tomato plants as they like to eat aphids... my next bee was a bubbly bee and i named him Aphid because it seemed appropriate given the Ladybug attacks... I cannot wait to play more of this game tomorrow... I would like to suggest to the creators that they should add a weapon that is a Citronella candle... it would be very effective against the Ladybug... they do not like the smell of Citronella or citrus...Read More


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