Your lifespan is less than 1% of the time spectrum. But you can create a wave that affects the rest of it. 

Kata | Imperatix mod | Game tester | Spanish/Cebuano translator | Script editor | Novice Blender animator 

Update (1/6/2019): Production is imminent. However, how should I spend it? Should I create a video game that revolutionizes how we see CTF games, or should I work on a multiversal animation series? 

Choices, decisions....

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  • Warrior Cats: The Calm

    A place that's dedicated to Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats series with a few Survivors characters in there! Enjoy! :3 P.S. This place isn't going to be anything more, nothing less. It's not going to be a game. I put this as my game so that you can enjoy it until my projects are done.

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