Hellote, I am Kinnis, and this would be my bio:

Furry, Pokemon battler, tarantula collector, mountain biker, and general weirdo.

I worked at Roblox HQ as a part of the accelerator group, where top devs work on new games, learn how to make better games, and interact with the people behind Roblox to make the platform even better. (You could too!)

Aspiring game developer, looking into a degree in Game Design and Computer Science.

Competitive Pokemon battler. (Smogon OU.) Message me if you want to battle c:

My username before 2014 was blocklogan.Read More

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  • Stop it, Slender! 2

    One player is chosen to be Slenderman every round, and they must keep the other players from collecting pages! Headphones are recommended.

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  • Kleptomaniacs

    Thieves must steal enough valuables without being spotted by the guard at all. New gamemodes, maps, and perks planned for the future. Shutdown = Update Very early beta. Game may break. More maps and abilities planned soon.

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  • Frozen Flood

    Escape the flood of constantly freezing liquid nitrogen! You will have to run down corridors with many obstacles and alternate doorways to get to the end! The corridors are trying to melt the frozen flood, so there are very hot pads on the ceiling, walls, and floors. There are collectible coins hidden throughout the corridors, find them for walkspeed upgrades! Each round is around 2 minutes. Developer's group:

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  • Resist()

    A fast-paced FPS. Sounds seem to be broken. Working on: Total GUI revamp. Dueling system. There are currently: 4 gamemodes. 6 maps. 10 gun-types. 6 faces. 7 secondaries. 10 blurts. Inspired by an indie game called Red Eclipse. If the game lags for you, turn your graphics setting all the way down, it won't change the look of the game at all. Developer's group:

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  • Stop it, Slender! [PRESERVED]

    This is Si,S! before the revamped version came along.

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