I go by Cal. Pretty big fan of Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, Kingdom Hearts, etc. Been on the platform since 2013, have switched between accounts several times since then. I'm still on this platform out of boredom and curiosity on what new content is being made. Also working on-and-off on a Kingdom Hearts based RP game.

You may also know me as Joey8492 or SonictheHedgehog8492, older accounts I made back when I was younger. This account was given to me by a friend back in 2015, and was named iRecreational. I have since made this my main.

No, I do not accept friend requests. I don't really socialize here, nor do I have any interest in partnerships or whatever.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own."


  • Project: Kingdom Hearts (desc)

    Update 5/23/22: Still making changes, fixed Final World and added some Stars with dialogue. All characters also take on a new texture in that world. ------------------------------------------------------ So, this my attempt at making my first actual game on here. As of right now I have minimal coding experience, but I figure we need more Kingdom Hearts games here. I'll do my best to do just that. Rooms: The Grey Area Roxas' Room Xion's Room The Round Room Hidden Room...? [To change characters, press the button on the bottom left. Some morphs may have animation issues. Gonna make custom animations for all the characters eventually.]

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