• 🔥MAP! Island Royale

    🌴 Welcome to Island Royale! Descend onto a beautiful yet equally deadly island. Battle to the end in the hopes of being the last one standing, claiming VICTORY in Island Royale! (🕒 1/17!) 🔥4X XP ENABLED! 🎉 MAP CHANGES! 🔥 NUMEROUS VAULTS, NERFINGS, ADJUSTMENTS AND MORE! -Vaulted Warp A Hut -Vaulted Crossbow -Removed Bow Ammo -Vaulted Sport Rifle -Vaulted Scoped Rifle -Thermal Scoped Rifle No Longer Hitscan -Nerfed Speed To Swap To Shotguns Even More -Pistol Rarity Adjustments -Assault Rifle Rarity Adjustments -Vaulted Blast Grenade 🔥 NEW SEASON SOON! 🔥 ALL NEW EXCLUSIVE REDCLIFF DOMINUS MERCH STORE OFFER! Check my twitter @LordJurrd for more info on how to get the EXCLUSIVE REDCLIFF DOMINUS! 😱 Find the Official Island Royale Merch HERE! @LordJurrd 🐦 Follow me @LordJurrd for the latest news, updates, and exclusive codes! 🚨 Make sure to follow the game for notifications! ❤️ Special thanks to @JustSeanC @ChloeExe @Ep1cDrew

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