Hi, this is Sagirihin, a university student living somewhere in Asia, who is a transport enthusiast, especially about buses and trains, plus being an anime and Japan light novel enthusiast as well.

My ranks in Roblox:
* HR - North Wood Air (Liquidated) and Sol Airways
* Bus Driver Training Staff - Forever Transit, Sunshine Express, Bauhinia Bus
* Cabin Crew - Bauhinia Airways, Air HK, Fresh Air and Hyler Airlines (folded up already)
* Bus Driver - a bunch of (mainly Hong Kong-based) fictional bus operators
* Signaller - Stepford Country Railway
(other not-so-important ranks can be found at my "groups" list below)

Lastly, please subscribe to my Roblox gaming channel in YouTube! 
<del>(i really want more subs, why my channel started for so long time but now still only 10 subs ar!)</del>


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