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I am a.. 
-GFX Artist 
-Group Owner 
-Game Developer 
-ROBLOX player since 2k16 
-Happy person overall (: 

Dream Items: - Valkyrie โ˜
 - Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat 🗹 
- Black Iron Commando 🗹 
- Pink Galaxy Gaze 🗹 
- Ornate Creature Horns 🗹 

I do not currently accept trades.  

--The only accounts I have is: LPSFANFALL, ErisMangle, dayc0re, swyls, and uhDamien.-- --If other people try to say it is me, do not trust them! They are not me-- 
--My main is ErisMangle so that's why I said I have limiteds. I also have limiteds on dayc0re too. <3-- 
--Credits: kristiexo-- 

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