Hello, my name is NoodleManiaFaZe and I now accept friend requests, if I don't accept then I might not remember, I'll try my best! This is about me: Friends I know that I play ROBLOX with are: TheMasterOfPenguins, tracers123, and hashim1122334455. My favourite colour is neon green/blue. I don't have a favourite sport unfortunately. My favourite animal is a Fairy Penguin. If you don't know what a Fairy Penguin is it is a really cute and chubby blue penguin, but they're a endangered species. :(  I think that's all for now, and thank you for reading my blurb bye! <3Read More


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  • Paintball: With new maps and more! [V.2.9.1A

    Warning: Please do not use tool it won't work use Gun for it to work. Message me some suggestions about this PaintBall game.

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  • Fun And Easy Obby

    Hello! Welcome to my Fun And Easy Obby! I hope you have fun and play this game!!!!! If there is bugs please PM the owner of this game. If there is a idea you would like please PM the owner of this game and we will do it right away! Have fun in the obby!! Bye!

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