• Zombies are Attacking Mcdonalds

    Zombies are Attacking Mcdonalds (ZAAM) has been a popular game ever since its humble beginnings on July 23rd, 2008. What began randomly with a Mcdonalds and a baseplate has evolved into what ZAAM4 is today, a huge large scale city for you to explore and kill zombies in. It has always been more of a funny look on zombie apocalypse games, and I hope you enjoy it! I thank everyone who plays, and continues to play this game. It means a lot. Make sure to thumbs it up if you enjoyed it! All old ZAAM Games:

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  • Be Crushed by a Speeding Wall

    The title says it all, press the button and be crushed by a speeding wall! As you play you earn points for making it to safe zones and dying. You will die A LOT! Use these points to buy gears to upgrade your speed in an attempt to defeat the wall! PM me links to pictures of you playing for a chance to see your decal in the game! Based off NintendoZACHERY's classic game!

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  • Dodge the Teapots of Doom

    There was a serious lack of Teapots in today's ROBLOX. If you can dodge a Teapot you can dodge a ball. Based off Clockwork's classic 2007 game! Dodge the Teapots of Doom! You will die if you touch a teapot or walk where there is no ground. Getting to the end rewards you with points and makes the teapots even angrier! Can you tame them? Game made by Bobbysayhi and Intended_Pun

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  • Zombie Ocean: Rescue Mission

    It is simple: Rescue or be Rescued! The Rescuers job is to get in helicopters and find the stranded players while the Stranded need to stay alive! ~When in a helicopter hit Q to go down or E to go up~ Based off FoxMcBanjo's 2008 game.

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  • Zombie High School

    There are a lot of high school games out there, so why not make one of my own? The zombie apocalypse has hit and you are still stuck in school! Instead of studying you are fighting for your life! Fight off zombies through the halls of your former high school to rake up kills and earn badges! Team up with fellow students and work together to stay alive! ~Please don't OD the zombies~ If you enjoy the game give it a thumbs up, thanks!

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  • Terror in Bikini Bottom

    Give Terror in Bikini Bottom a Thumps Up if you enjoy it :D Welcome to Terror in Bikini Bottom! Zombies have taken over the streets of Bikini Bottom and it is your job to stop them! Explore a full sized map of Bikini Bottom which includes many iconic locations such as Jellyfish Fields, the Krusty Krab, Rock Bottom and much more.

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