Here are some quotes (dont no how to spell and dont care) from some shows i like(they are all from one show).

-Lopez(who cant speak english): your not strong enough to move the turret without the power on.
-Simmons:(trys movin turret) ugh ugh! aaa it won move!
-Lopez: (sarcasticly) Maby you could ask the Meta to stand in front of the turret.
-Simmons: What did he say?
-Donut: He said "Maby you could ask the Meta to stand in front of the turret.".
-Simmons: What a lame idea Lopez! come on stop fooling around!
-Lopez:(to donut) realy? thats the only thing you can translate?
-Donut: I agree Lopez.  Pencils are fastinating!
-Lopez:Stop translating for me!

-In a difrent part
-Simmons: Ok guys we dont have to panic! lets just stay calm!
-Lopez: Your the only one thats panicing.
-Donut: I agree with Lopez! Panicing does sound like a good idea.Read More

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  • Live in Robloxia and*come to the second one*

    Yes there is a second one! it will not be revield to the punlic until this one is done! only my friends can go c it! its called "Live in Wild West Robloxia". This place is still not done. its about 73.5% done. the island behind the "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" sign, is an amusment park that will be the last thing put on! i do not no how to make a regen button or script, so if you like drive every vehical off the map, there not coming back! ive added another building, the "Golden Palace" its a chinise restruant. a kick script has been added 2.

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