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My good friend Izzy (ItsQ) passed away on 4/30/20 after a battle with depression. I met Izzy on ROBLOX and our friendship went on for 10 long years playing many different games together and talking about life, tv shows, etc. Izzy was an amazing friend and many on this site will remember him from the OG LMaD years. You will be missed brother, I'll always remember you. RIP Izzy. 

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Do not trust anyone who says they are me. Previously known as Redshaman and Blizzaria 

Spartans & Ducks Team HOF (OFL)
1st Ballot NCAAF Hall Of Famer
Nebraska Cornhuskers S9 National Champions (NCAA) GBR! 
UCF Knights S10 National Champions (NCAA) 
LSU Tigers S13 National Champions (NCAA) 
Louisville Cardinals S14 National Champions (NCAA) 
DC Assault S10 Bloxxer Bowl Champions (RFL) 
E. Carolina Bengals S12 Bloxxer Bowl Champions (RFL)
Raleigh Rattle S1 Gridiron Bowl Champions (ASFL)


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