Game developer and artist. Founder of Syndacore and AaMC. Originally joined Roblox on March 5th, 2009. 

The games I am working on can be found in my favorited games.

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  • (CLOSED) Ghoul Online [READ DESC.]

    https://www.roblox.com/games/687527257/Tokyo-Ghoul-Re-Online Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone who played and supported Tokyo Ghoul Online during its initial release. This was my first game project on Roblox and the feedback and amount of players we had was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, this game has been discontinued due to the developers working on a new project alongside myself. With limited time and the huge amounts of exploiters in the TGO servers, we simply can't convert to FE at this moment. What's in the future for TGO now? The devs and I have decided to scrap this entire game, and will be working on a brand new Tokyo Ghoul game in the future. >>> Gamepasses will be transferred over to the new game so you won't have to buy them again. Credits: Scripting - Ryukiyo Building - Nentei Minor building - Alphirex

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