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Hey all! Its DeathlyHand from ROBLOX here! Sorry to say that I've retired from ROBLOX for now, but I might come back later to wreak havoc once again! Muahahaha! Just kidding! But really, while I'm gone, I'll expect that since I am an '07er my Top 100 posting status will stay on this account for years to come, and also my places will get more views! (Thats not likely to happen) ANYWAY! Even though I've retired, I will NOT be handing out my fortune of tickets (Its over twenty THOUSAAAAAAAND!!!), and I will NOT visit your place. However, feel free to ask me for my Wii Code so I can play online with you! Also, feel free to send a friend request! Anyway, I have to go now. Th


  • RoBrawl v2.1.0

    READ THIS NOW IF YOU WANT TO PLAY.................................................................... VIP shirt: GAME IS IN BETA. IT IS NOT COMPLETED. Only Mario Through Pokemon Trainer and Sora are done! THE OTHERS DON'T WORK. STOP. PMING. ME. The weapons are based on percentages! NOT HP. To select a character use the Select tool and click on the character you want to use. Added New stage! Green Hill Zone! LOTS OF CREDIT TO STICKMEISTER AND STARMAN!!!!

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