Hi, I'm Enzdude. I started playing ROBLOX the summer of 2014. This game was my go-to, back when everybody was real and you could have fun playing unique, amazing games. Unfortunately this entire platform went downhill and it's no longer fun. Only thing devs want these days is your money and don't care about the innovation, creativity, or imagination behind their games. That's why on August 11, 2020 I'm officially leaving ROBLOX indefinitely. I'll play occasionally, but otherwise I won't be back anytime soon. If you want to hang out and do some epic things, I encourage you to add me on other games/platforms (especially any of my OG ROBLOX friends). I'll be under the same username.

On June 9, 2014, I created this avatar. It's undergone many changes throughout the years but it's reverted to my original, where it will stay.

Dis: Enzdude 4972
Steam: Enzdude
Xbox: Enzdude

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