All too often do I hear claims of people being able to see everything. People who are so sure of what is going on. Little do they know the truth. "Truth - that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality." There's only ever been one thing worth seeing in this world: Hard facts. Despite this universal truth, people misguidedly choose to only accept the facts that appeal to their way of thinking. They're so limited, they can only accept the facts that are comfortable for them. Realizing things may not have been as we accepted them to be unsettles us; it's overwhelming.

So, are you absolutely sure you know the truth? Because I do.

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    I am the unavoidable, indisputable, antichristic, undefeatable enemy. I'm a cynical, sarcastic, ######### seeker of the source code #### #### on corrupting the status quo. A libertarian librarian of esoteric expressions of exceptional enlightenment of the soul. I break bread with the born dead again over bearing belaters of the bottom floor, but never taste the torturous temptations of the terrible tribulation bound tellers of their bull. Put me to a task, and I will make a difference, but to face my wrath is just a loss of innocence. I will be on this planet, and with certainty you have already felt me. I am the spirit of sovereign liberty, rebellion, #### and hate, the antithesis to oppression, tyranny, and overseership. I am justice born of human compassion, the antidoctrination and symbol for blaspheme. I will burn until I die and return for I am I, and when the gavel beats to the rhythm of my heart, you will be free, free at last from the dark. - Horrible4

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