• Hunted 🔪

    The Slasher is tasked with killing up to 9 Hunted that only possess a flashlight. However, after 3 minutes, the Hunted get weapons and the tables are turned. If the Slasher is killed, the Hunted win. If the Hunted are killed then the Slasher wins. Good luck. Update log: - Added crafting (found inside inventory) - Made lighting darker - Added leaderboard for EXP - Changed lobby - New map (Estate) - Fixed bugs If you own the Roblox Series 6 toys "Hunted: Death" or "Hunted: Zombunny" then you get those slashers in game for free! Let me know if you experience any bugs :)

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  • Slasher • test

    Oh no! You're trapped in a slasher film. Escape!

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