18 year old programmer and game developer. 
Don't walk the path someone else made, build your own.
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As much as I appreciate being asked to work on games with people I cannot because I already have other commitments.

Dominus Empyreus is not for trade. I will also not lend it, or allow people to 'pin' it.

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  • Hunted

    The Slasher is tasked with killing up to 9 Hunted that only possess a flashlight. However, after 3 minutes, the Hunted get shotguns and the tables are turned. If the Slasher is killed, the Hunted win. If the Hunted are killed then the Slasher wins. Good luck. Join Cold Studio for a larger login reward and update information! Follow @ColdDeveloper on twitter for codes and updates!

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  • Classic Titanic! - v9.2

    Welcome to Classic Titanic! This ship was created in 2011 which is why this game is "Classic" Hope you enjoy the game! Follow @ColdDeveloper on twitter for updates and game development! Before you dislike and comment saying this is old and copied: #1 - This is its own thing, it has no relation to other Titanic games. #2 - Its called CLASSIC Titanic, meaning its old. The ship itself was made in 2011, so expect it to be old. #3 - The latest update was mostly all scripting based and did not change the ship. Still the same old 2011 ship. For the best experience play on game Quality 7+ (Smooth shaded water) Version 9.2 - Filtering enabled. - R15 support.

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  • Vehicle Chassis

    A realistic vehicle system to be used in upcoming Cold Studio games.

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  • Hunted: Office

    The 1st map created for Hunted. By ColdDeveloper, July 2016.

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  • Hunted: Yacht

    The 2nd map created for Hunted. By ColdDeveloper, September 2016.

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  • Hunted: Murder House

    The 3rd map created for Hunted. By ColdDeveloper, October 2016.

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