I am FRENCH any problem with that ?

I do folow Terms and Conditions of ROBLOX. If you do anything against ROBLOX i may report you.

All sales of products and services are final, including T-Shirt, Gear, Model and items. No refunds will be given, except in my sole and absolute discretion. Price of any item isnt Fix, I reserve the right to cancel, rise, deleter and lower any of my Vip and other items.

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  • P1'ball battle (Beta)

    Old game made in 2013-2014 with me and cntkillme. Open map for battle up to 30 players, bounce everywhere and fight your ennemie !!! HOW TO PLAY: function KeyDown(key) Jump == "Q" Suicide == "X" Move Forward== "W" Move Backward == "S" Update 2017-06-16 Camera fixed Ball size improved Jump script remade for smoother jump and better gameplay

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  • Gasoline Simulator

    Gasoline Simulator Owner: palle1 Scripter: cntkillme,palle1 Gasoline Simulator is a town game where the goal is to play around with others. There roleplay jobs and car. Some job like Mining, Axeman, Factory Worker(Disabled) and Tow Truck Driver will give Server Economie like to build house and to get Cash when you drive. Others Team are Roleplay like, Robber and Police, Ambulance Driver and Army. Each Team have it own Car and you can own up to 2 car exept the tow truck driver. Updated the game but it is basicaly all messed up since roblox updated the Terrain.

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  • Ocean Rescue

    Funny game with friend, start to be fun when there is 5 players or more =]

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  • World of Warship

    Testing only the game isnt ready. Fix:Cannon are working, dmg etc all work. New boat as been added. All boat in this game are made and scripted by me.

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  • P1'Ropaint Minigame

    How to play: Team vs Team battles Color all the map your team color to win the round Buy upgrade into the shop to help you in your task =) Old game made back in 2011-2012 No recent update but it didnt need any

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  • Pokémon Generations()

    This game is totaly incomplete. But is working if anyone want to test. Basic idea of pvp system: The pvp system will be same as normal battle, i will remake a battle script to be able to set 2 players in the same battle. You will write the ennemie player name inside a Gui, that will send a request to the player. If you send a new request to a new player, it will automatic remove previous, that how i want to make it. Im in studio trying to start pvp. Actual system that is actualy working: -Pokeball -Potion -Switch pokemon -Grass -Experience and lvl up(Online but have lvl up bug.) -Starter pokemon -Get Skill(Basic system, evolve system will be the same) MISSING SYSTEM -Trainer(When be needed) -Evolution(When story will be around lvl 25) -Story(Soon to lvl 25!) -Shop and pokemon center(Soon) -Pvp system(idk when) Next update content: -Evolution system(Later) -Get more skill(Later) -Able to see your Pokemon Stats.(Easy, but take time to make the Gui,so later.)

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