1. Join Innovation Inc.
2. Buy one of the uniform items (Pants/Shirt), do not buy the guardsman vest!
3. Read the rulebook
4. Send a request to join

1. Set Innovation Inc. as your primary group
2. Wear your uniform on your avatar until accepted
3. Make your inventory public for everyone to see

Begin my desc:

Grew up with ROBLOX. Calculated it and I've spent 50% of my life on this game. I develop but I don't play games.

RBXDev since 8/2/17

Been a member of Innovation since September 2014.

I'm a scripter. Former Site Director/Developer for Eltork's SCPF. SCPF is a stepping stone for me so I can develop my scripting skills and create games as an independent developer. (I won't quit SCPF though).


  • Titan Slayers Roleplay [ALPHA]

    No microtransactions, no pay to access features, just simple titan slaying. Please give this game a thumbs up, and just enjoy yourself. If we gain enough popularity we will continue work on this. Scripting by doser225. Map by Kyodo. GUI by TheNamesRandom. Controls are in the bottom left of the screen, click the keyboard icon. Vdm45twJ You guys know what this code is for.

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  • [SCP] Roleplay Site 61:RM

    SCP Roleplay site, meaning you can go on most teams, and you can buy additional equipment and tools. You can do absolutely whatever you want. Discord code: NMcqeym Site-61:RM Located somewhere in Afghanistan, this site is generally small but contains quite a few anomalous entities and objects which are considered to be highly dangerous. WARNING: If you have epilepsy, there are points in the game in which could induce a seizure, please click the black banner at the top so that you can avoid these points, press this every time you respawn. This is not actually Site-61 remade, but it's a site built from scratch and completely custom made because it was inspired by CarlosMinghetti's Site-61. The only free models are some SCP models, (as in the characters), and the only free models (scripted and built) are SCP-173 and SCP-096 FilteringEnabled Design by Kyodo Gun design by daniel4222 (doser225 scripted them)

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  • Shore City [ALPHA]

    Shore City, created by doser225, and inspired by SnakeWorl's The Streets. Absolutely loved his game, wanted to make something like his. It's chaos in Shore City, anarchy has broken out and you're apart of it. Fight anyone and everyone to prove your dominance on the streets, gather weapons, form clans, and fight your way to the top in Shore City. Remember to leave a thumbs up to help support the game!

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