• There Once Was a Crooked Man

    Who Walked a Crooked Mile, He Found a Crooked Sixpence Upon a Crooked Stile, He Bought a Crooked Cat, which Caught a Crooked Mouse, And they All Lived Together in a Big, Crooked House. But the Crooked Man Was Sad, and One Day, He Had a Thought- Why Should He Be Crooked- When Others, They Were Not? The Crooked Man grew Solemn, he let out a Great Big Sigh, He Found a Piece of Rope, and Tied it to the Sky. There Once Was a Crooked Man, who Had a Crooked Smile- And if You Lived his Crooked Life, you'd be Sent through Crooked Trials- He'd follow You, Torment You, send You Through Endless Strife- But the Crooked Man won't be Content until You take Your Crooked Life.

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