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  • Ride a rocket to the ISS or MOON!

    Development ceased due to dozens of stolen copies floating, there is a sequel in development but there is no time frame on it's completion. This is the third "Ride a rocket" in the series and introduces a whole new environment both on the moon and on earth. A Saturn V has been added along with the Space Shuttle which can be launched from mission control or manually from within the rockets themselves should mission control be empty. This is an attempt to accurately simulate the flight's of these two rockets, the Saturn V will even release the Lunar module and turn to dock with it - you need to move from the service module into the lunar lander in order to continue! You can egress to EVA on the ISS (international space station) and use a realistic rocket backpack (MMU) in zero gravity in order to navigate through space! And should you have the badge from "Land a space shuttle" you will be able to manually land the space shuttle with a full aerodynamic simulation.

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  • Ride a rocket to the space station and moon!

    Launch one of your friends on a trip to a space station orbiting high above and from there to the moon! You can be a mission controller or an Astronaut. Mission control is the most important, no one gets to space without you! The rockets can be launched from the top floor of the building you spawn near, click the buttons that can be seen on the windows! Try choosing the 60 second launch option then rush to the launch pad before lift off if you want to ride it yourself! Astronaut: Ride the monorail to the launch pad and then ride the elevator to the top and get onboard a rocket. Once you are on board a rocket, the mission controller will begin the countdown sequence. Then you will be on your way to orbit and then the moon!!

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  • Survive on mars!

    Update1: View distance is now much much much bigger, take in the amazing martian landscapes as you search for your next bottle of oxygen. pending updates will include faction based combat as you fight over the scarce resources left after an expedition crash landed of which there is only enough to allow one team to return to earth!

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  • Land a space shuttle! update!

    ============================ I don't have BC, you can't get the badge right now! ============================ Complete the 2 theory courses and land the shuttle 3 times successfully to receive a badge, this badge will allow you to fly the shuttle in "Tests"!! get the badge now! :D data persistant! you only need to do the test once!

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