⭐️Every year there are over 2 inch million people bullied worldwide you don't know what they are going through. The girl you just called ugly?... she spends hours putting make up on hoping that people will like her. The boy you just bullied?.. he is abused enough at home. The girl you just called fat?... she is on a diet hoping to lose weight. See that man with ugly scars?... he fought for his country. The guy you have just made fun of for crying?... his mother is dying. The kid you made fun of for being bald?... he has cancer. If you see anyone being bullied stand up to them and help them. Don't just stand there or walk away, helping them could make a difference in their lives for the better. Do not bully anyone. We should all respect each other and not bully anyone because you don't know what is going on in their lives. Put this on your account if you are against bullying. Thank you for reading this.⭐️Read More


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