Swordsman524: For being the leader of the first clan I entered. I will always remember being Engineering Commodore.
jill289: For being the leader of SE, which I supported proudly.
Chipmunks: For being the leader of Tai Kwon Chip, which I supported epically. I also want to remember all the other teachers at Tai Kwon Chip, including lillian12345, for doing such a good job!
The DeoBloxTeam: Thanks for all the memories at House Builders!
Nicholas, James, Brandon, Brandon, Bryan, and Tyler - for trying ROBLOX out.
war8989, and TheManhattanProject: Thanks for collaborating in the Biggest Project Ever!
And all my current best friends, for playing ROBLOX
At last.. (games)
Old ROBLOX, VMK, Toontown, Club Penguin, POTCO, and Team Fortress 2.
patrick43215, tyropyrant, Quazz31, royen1, Bloop, and RiceyShrimp - the epicest city builders EVER.


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    This is where I build and test my projects. Currently housed here are: Sound Mixer v0.42 (+prototypes) Speakers (Quadraphonics Room on left)

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