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  • Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51 !!!

    02/09/2018: - Fixed some textures not loading - Minor changes 12/27/2017: - Added 3 new rooms - Added a killer: Captain Zombie - Added a badge: Execution room - Changed the pathfinding of the killers (probably better) - The code is now local (you cannot be trolled anymore) - Fixed the automatic guns that stops shooting while moving on touchscreen devices - Minor improvements and bug fixes 10/07/2017: - Updated the Pathfinding to the new API (may improve follow scripts) - Maybe fixed the killers that get stuck on a wall/ceiling/floor Credits to IcyFresh for the map.

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  • Humans vs Zombies V3.2.5

    This game is based on Stealth Pilot's game "The Undead Coming" made in 2007. Unfortunately, because of Roblox updates, the game is now broken. I tried making back the game for these people like me who really enjoyed the game. Join the Discor group with this code: 2vTNRCq Credits: - Stealth Pilot (Main game idea) - SbPortela (game icon, 1 thumbnail, and some images in-game) V3.2.5: - Servers are now Level 0-4 and Level 5+ instead of Level 0-2 and Level 3+ - Prevented some abuse in uninfection - Failed teleports will show an error - Fixed roof spawn in Space Base - Fixed viruses that can be duplicated in uninfection - Nerfed fast zombie damage - Higher level required to unlock fast zombie - Lower level required to unlock light zombie - Permuted the order of unlock of fast zombie and light zombie - Buffed a little kami zombie explosion - Partially fixed Master Shield that can be used to clip though walls

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  • Whomp's Fortress (WIP)

    Being rewritten...

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