• Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51 !!!

    07/17/2018: - Added a mode: "Killer mode": become a killer and kill the survivors and vice-versa ! - Added a room - Added Granny - Added Pennywise - Added a weapon - Added player points: a kill = a player point - Heavily improved the killers' pathfinding - Made the code more challenging to find - Slender can now turn almost invisible sometimes - Fixed Jason that gets spawnkilled - Fixed the ammo bag that don't reload - Fixed weapons not animating if switching them fast - Maybe fixed the train that breaks - Other bug fixes Credits to IcyFresh for the map.

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  • Humans vs Zombies V3.3.1

    This game is based on Stealth Pilot's game "The Undead Coming" made in 2007. Unfortunately, because of Roblox updates, the game is now broken. I tried making back the game for these people like me who really enjoyed the game. Join the Discor group with this code: 2vTNRCq Credits: - Stealth Pilot (Main game idea) - SbPortela (game icon, 1 thumbnail, and some images in-game) V3.3.1: - Fixed projectiles that sometimes doesn't detect a hit - Fixed some guns not working in Extreme Survival - Fixed jump animation not playing with some zombies after using special - Partially fixed the glitch that enables to hold a weapon and the shield at the same time - Fixed doors in The Camp that are hard to open - Maybe fixed some bugs with the Dual Five Seven - Maybe fixed the delay when humans win - You now get XP when gathering a piece, and when uninfecting a zombie in Uninfection - Nerfed some automatic weapons

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  • Whomp's Fortress (WIP)

    Being rewritten...

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