Hello, I'm tnt!

[Miner's Haven Alpha Tester]
[Over 11 million combined playerpoints for 2PGFT]
[Azure Mines Deity (March 7th, 2017)]
[2PGFT Fan Club Moderator]
[1 million mastery+ Katarina one trick]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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  • Mineral War Tycoon

    Welcome to Mineral War Tycoon! From a beach to a nuclear facility, these unique areas provide you with a ton of money! Finishing the tycoon allows you to rebirth, increasing the value of your ores. Unlock new areas as you climb the rebirth ladder! Your tycoon requires power to run; solar panels provide free energy during the day, while nuclear reactors continuously generate TONS of power. Your items, cash, and rebirths all save automatically; come back just how you left them! Want to become more powerful and dominate your server? Follow @tnt0Productions on Twitter for in-game codes! Need a perk? tntProductions has you covered! Join tntProductions for additional movement speed, starting cash, daily gift crystals, HP, and a [Fan] rank! If you experience any data loss, please contact the developer as soon as possible.

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